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Avoid these mistakes in immigration filing matters

Your family has been apart for too long; separated by oceans and separated by countries for many years. As an immigrant, you dutifully sent money back home every payday. Now, you so much want to reunite with them, despite the current murky environment regarding U.S. immigration matters. It is important for you to have your family together again.

You understand that the U.S. subscribes to strict guidelines regarding immigration and that you must precisely follow them if you wish to bring your wife, children and parents to your new home country. Therefore, no mistakes and no oversights on your part when attempting to secure visas for them or in addressing any related immigration issues. A mistake could lead to unnecessary delays.

Provide right paperwork and sign them

When dealing with immigration issues and forging a path toward reunification with your family, every detail must be considered and completed correctly. Here are some common mistakes that surface pertaining to immigration matters:

  • Forgetting to provide all necessary paperwork: With an abundant amount of forms to complete, you must not overlook a single one of them. Submit all applications along with supporting evidence. And when sending this information, consider proof of filing through registered or certified mail. This provides proof that you have met deadlines.
  • Providing incorrect payment amount for filing fee: Most immigration documents must include a filing fee. Make sure you send the correct payments.
  • Not including translations with certain documents: The U.S. government clearly requires the inclusion of documents with English translations.
  • Not signing all documents: Every document needs a signature in specific locations.
  • Trusting the wrong person: Doing so could lead you to become the victim of a scam artist. Rely on a reliable immigration attorney rather than an internet stranger who promises you solutions.
  • Neglecting to get effective legal assistance: With so many complex issues in immigration law, it is critical to retain an experienced immigration attorney.

You have waited a long time for a reunion with your family. You have come this far, and you want to ensure that every step in the immigration process is done correctly. That reunion is around the corner.